Friday, October 30, 2009

Yoga X

Yesterday, I decided to do Yoga X. Good news and bad news. The good news: I did the whole thing! Bad news: it was HARD. Well, at least harder than the last time I can remember doing it. I've definitely lost a good amount of what I had. I can still touch my nose to my right knee though! Tried to do all the push ups, but had to drop a few, as I was sore from Intervals X Plus (which had a couple push up moves in itself). My legs and glutes are still incredibly sore from Intervals, and doing Yoga last night, contrary to what I thought, did not help it.

I have volleyball tonight, so it'll be three consecutive active nights. A good start. Hoping to knock out Chest & Back or Shoulders & Arms over the weekend.

'Till next time, BRING IT!

10/28- Intervals X Plus
10/29- Yoga X
10/30- Volleyball
10/31 or 11/1- TBD

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Intervals X Plus

Ok, I won't say that I'm starting Round 3, yet. But since its been over a month since I last worked out, I felt the desire to do SOMEthing. Had planned to do plyo, but remembered I had purchased the P90X+ videos, and said, "AH! Perhaps I'll take a stab at one of the workouts". So that is what I did.

My focus was to do some cardio, in order to just get my blood pumping, so naturally, I looked to Intervals X Plus. Can I just say, "O. M. G." For my first workout back after a month, this was a KILLER. I'm not sure where I'd rate it against plyo, but this is right up there.

This workout has 15 moves, all for 1 min each, but with 3 intensity levels per move. So you go from moves 1 to 15, break, then 15 back to 1. What makes this one harder than plyo is the lack of built in water breaks (I had to make many of my own!). I'd say I did the workout at maybe 80%. I was so tapped out of energy halfway through, I skipped some of the moves entirely, and others I skipped the highest intensity part. I finished the workout a bit dizzy, but hey, that is to be expected, jumping into a workout like this after a month of slacking off.

My legs and glutes are especially sore this morning, but it feels really good to have worked out again. Stood taller. Felt fitter. But nothing like getting on the scale to tell me that i'm 211 lbs @ 23% fat. AHHHHH!!!!!!! (if y'all recall, I made it all the way down to 196 and 19% fat at the end of round 2.5!). I eat entirely way too much.

Hopefully, I can continue now, doing somewhat of a hybrid of the X and X Plus. My plan is to Yoga X tonight. Lets hope that happens =)


Monday, October 26, 2009


Ok, its probably understood that:

lack of updates = lack of working out, haha.

And like i need more 'excuses' to not workout. the world series starts on wed., the football season is in full swing, and NOW? its opening week for the NBA season. wonderful.

i'm trying to conjure up a lighter/modified P90X schedule so i can at least do SOMETHING for the moment. been slacking off, BIG TIME.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Phase I Update

Here's a little recap of where I am at.

9/21- Legs & Back
9/22- Softball
9/23- Shoulders & Arms
9/26- Chest & Back
9/27- ARX
9/29- Softball
9/30- Volleyball

Went on a mini-vacation from 9/25-9/28, but was able to squeeze in one workout. So after a quasi-week 2 and 3, going to finish off the week with a couple of workouts, and then jump back into week 3 and a phase 1 bonus week before heading into recovery week. So tonight, the plan is Legs & Back, ARX.

By the way, diet has been....ehhhhh.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Phase 1, Week 2

Day 7 Day 9: Shoulders & Arms, ARX

As you can see, I'm shifting things around so far this week. As previously mentioned, my back is still sore, so did not want to jump into chest & back. Did the workout with my newly purchased 30 lb dumbells, but had to switch over to the bands toward the end, as fatigue set in. Had a good workout, and shoulders & arms continues to be one of my favorites (perhaps because its not AS strenuous as the others!).

Up to 17 reps per move in ARX, except Leg Climb (all) and Mason Twist (20, rest, 10, rest, 5). Abs aren't even really sore from Monday's ARX. Nice.

On deck: TBD

Day 6: Kenpo X, not really....

Day 6: Kenpo X Softball.

Had softball yesterday, which doesnt quite fully replace Kenpo X, but will have to do. Whats more though, the field was about a 20 minute walk away from any subway station. So, tack on a nice 20 minute walk and well, good enough for me. My legs (really my calves and glutes) along with my back are still REALLY sore from Monday's workout.

By the way, my days are all out of wack right now due to the 2 day lay off. Its really like, day 8 or 9 by now. I'll also have to figure out a way to juggle volleyball AND softball soon. I may have to revisit this "working out in the morning" thing.

So, up next SHOULD be Chest & Back, but due to overly sore back, we shall go ahead with Shoulders & Arms (what it should be today anyway, I think...)

Doing better with the diet. Roughly 2500 calories yesterday, with about a 40/35/25 (protein/carb/fat) split.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day 5: Legs & Back (finally), Day 6: Kenpo X

Ok, so I did Yoga on Friday, and L&B was supposed to be on Saturday. Suffice it to say, the weekend went terribly (workout-wise). Took both days off, so ended up doing Legs & Back yesterday (Monday). It went decently, my left knee is still a little problematic. Got better as the workout went along. I did a few of the moves on the stairs for better form. Bought a new pull up bar which is more accomodating of our new set up. $9 from walmart! Works well. Followed up the workout with ARX. Did 16 reps of all exercises (except leg climb and mason twists).

Tonight should be Kenpo, but I have softball. I'll see how that goes, may even do it after I get home, but not likely. Still working on my diet. Yesterday was about 30/35/35 (protein/carb/fat). Right now, I'm at: 35/40/25.

Tomorrow should be Chest & Back. May have to shift things around a bit, so it might become Shoulders & Arms. Stay tuned....

Friday, September 18, 2009

Day 4: Yoga X


Had to break it up into 2 sections due to schedule. Also, skipped "Yoga Belly 7" because my abs are just way too sore from ARX yesterday.

On deck: Day 5- Legs & Back, ARX

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Day 3: Shoulders & Arms

Needed to summarize my workout, so here goes: Did Shoulders & Arms with the bands. Wasn't terrible, but would have much preferred weights. Did well, this is one of the few workouts that doesn't leave me wiped out on the floor about to puke! Trying to get the right amount of tension and even tension on both sides of the bands is still a challenge. Overall, did well though.

As for ARX- I did 15 reps of each exercise. Will move up with each time that I do it. I need to be more consistent with ARX, as I will routinely skip it. Argh. Yoga day is next, I say "yay", Ahmee says "nay".

Well, I failed to get up in the AM to do this workout, so I guess its being done when I get home. For now, I shall log what I'm eating, perhaps to keep myself accountable. So far....

8:00am - 5 almonds (As I rush out the door)
9:30am - 3 egg white omlete with mushrooms, coffee (cream & sugar), protein shake
11:30am - about to have a PB&J sandwich on whole wheat
1:00pm - 3 egg white omlete with mushrooms, bacon, sausage and salsa; side of home fries (i only ate half the omlete for now)
3:00pm - the other half of the above omlete, and 3oz of baby carrot sticks
5:15pm - another PB&J and a protein shake. time to go home!!
8:00pm - recovery drink
8:30pm - dinner (brown rice, adobo chicken, bok choy stir fry and tofu and mushrooms) i eating too much? haha....according to i'm still within my daily

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

R3 P90X Day 2: Plyo X

Plyo X- complete.

-paused extra 30 seconds for each "break" except first break.
-no bonus

Day 2: done.
On deck, Day 3: Shoulders & Arms

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Round 3, Take 2

So here's another try to start Round 3 of P90X. For the first time in my life I was finally able to drag myself out of bed to wokrout in the morning! Got up, downed a protein drink (whey mixed with water), waited about 15 minutes and dove into Chest & Back.

I did....OK. I'll need to find a few more calories, at least on resistance days, because I definitely started to run out of steam at the end. Sort of the same result as last time where I started getting a headache (not quite as bad this time), and felt a little whoozy afterwards (nothing a recovery drink didnt fix!). I skipped the last 3 moves as a precaution though (Diamonds, Back Flys, and Dive-bombers).

Here's to Day 1. Lets see if I can keep up this "work out in the morning" thing.

Oh, most recent stats:
205lbs, 22% fat. ugh.

Friday, September 11, 2009

P90X+ Has Arrived

Pondering if I should take the leap, or if I should go for one more round of the X first. Decisions, decisions...

Friday, September 4, 2009

5 Miles!

Last night, in an effort to remain active while I find a good re-start date for Round 3 of P90X, I went for a run in central park, with a friend (whom mind you, just ran a half marathon). She advised we would be doing 5 miles, and so all through the day I wondered if I'd make it out alive. As I have previously stated many times, I AM NOT A RUNNER. Keep in mind also, the most I've ever run was the 3.5 mile JP Morgan Corporate Challenge. Which coincidently was also the last time I ran, at all, which occured on June 11.

So I tackled the task. I told myself, if I can finish within an hour, I'd be happy (thats averaging just about a 12 min mile (aka- 5mph). As luck would have it, I finished 5 miles (actually, its 5.15 miles, according to the central park runner's map) in 58:33. Yay. Haha...I was incredibly sore and almost dizzy afterwards. I scarfed down a banana and a protein shake for recovery, because I REALLY needed it.

The good news in all this is my goal of remaining active was achieved, since my heart rate was "in zone" for most of the time. Maxing out around 184, and averaging 166 (according to my Nike heart rate monitor). And from various sources, it looks as if I burned anywere between 600-750 calories!

Final stats:
Distance: 5 miles
Time: 58:33
Max heart rate: 184
Avg heart rate: 166
Time in target zone: 58:01
Calories burned: between 600-750

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Round 3, on hold

Ok, for now, P90X Round 3 is being placed on hold. A mix of being busy (trying to get settled in, STILL) and a little laziness has caused this round to get off to a rocky start. So, I figured I'll take another week to wrap up what i need to in the house (hopefully thats enough!), as well as get through the labor day holiday (bbq?).

Projected re-start date? Sept 14 (hopefully).

This will also give me a chance to get this darn diet in order. Darn lack of willpower!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

P90X: Round 3

So last night I started Round 3 of P90X. So after having done it twice before, losing over 30 pounds, one would think to themself, well, it should be easier this time around. Well, one would be DEAD WRONG!!!! I had as difficult of a time as I've always have, and even got a headache halfway through. In my defense though, it has been over a month since I last worked out (hey, I had a wedding, honeymoon, and trying to get settled into a new place). So here starts Day 1, again. Here are stome stats (Haven't taken photos yet, but will soon).

Day 1: 8/17/2009
Weight: 202.2
Body Fat%: 20.5%
Waist: 36"
Gut: 36"

(yea, waist & gut went up an inch in one month!! not good, not good at all)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Drum Roll Please....

Ok, so I finally mustered up the the courage to post, *gulp* my before-after pic! so here it is! and just for a dramatic effect, I'm comparing it not from my Day 1 pic, but from my pic from last year, so we can see what I was. So, after a year and 2 rounds of P90X, we have this (click to enlarge):

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

P90X Round 2.5- COMPLETE

Well, round 2.5 is in the books and its time for some stats!

Now, a quick disclaimer. The reason this is round "2.5" is because I had originally started on Jan 1., 2009. But after getting through about 45 days, some of you may remember I injured my ankle pretty badly (see mobile photos for reminder). So after 2-3 weeks, it was finally healed enough where I could workout. I decided to just restart on March 30, which is why this became round 2.5. so with that being said, note that these stats are from the beginning of the year, not March 30 (since i did not redo my measurements at the time, tho my weight loss since then was still good!). Here we go!

Day 0:
Weight: 223.8 lbs
Fat %: 26.0%
Body Fat Wt: 58.19 lbs
Waist: 40"
Gut: 42"

Day 90 (round 2.5, so more like, day 130):
Weight: 196.6 lbs
Fat %: 19.0%
Body Fat Wt: 37.35 lbs
Waist: 35"
Gut: 35"

Net weight loss: 27.2 lbs
% weight loss: 12.15%
Net FAT wt loss: 20.83 lbs
% of fat wt loss: 35.8%
Inches lost, waist: 5"
Inches lost, gut: 7"
How much better i feel: 100%!! haha!

For those of you who question the effectiveness of this program, question no more. This is the REAL DEAL. If you look back to this time last year, i've lost over 35 pounds. All this, without REALLY following the nutrition plan thats prescribed. I can't imagine how much more my results would have been had I eaten better. This is as much nutrition as it is working out.

So, I'll do a modified plan from now until the big day on July 18. Planning to restart on Aug. 1. If anyone is interested, let me know!

Friday, June 26, 2009

One Ninety Nine Point Four

Well, ladies and gents, the day has finally arrived. For the first time since before my ankle surgery in 2004, I am under the 200lb mark!! Weighed in at 199.4 this morning!!! 199.4. havent seen that "1" in front in 5 years. FIVE YEARS. I guess this is kind of like those people on "The Biggest Loser", when they go from the 300's down into the 200's, and they say they haven't seen that "2" in a long time....haha. Well, just thought I'd share my happy news. and just for any doubters, here's some visual evidence for you.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Things I've Tried...

::edit:: (i forgot about the 3-hour diet!)
So, I just got to thinking of all the various workout programs/gadgets and or diets that I've attempted in the past to lose weight or get healthy, and that have ultimately failed. Here's how the list rounds out.

Windsor Pilates
3-day Diet
Special K Diet
Some ab-belt thing (dont ask)
Walking from my office to Penn Station (roughly 20 blocks, 25 min)
3-hour diet

All have failed mostly due to lack of motivation/determination. All but P90X now. I'm not really sure why. Maybe because the results come relatively quickly. and its fun, for the most part. Almost under 200 pounds for the first time since college. just 1 little pound to go. hopefully i will get there soon, and you'll be sure to hear about it!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Currently on week 8 of P90X, Phase II Recovery Week, so i decided to go for a run last night, with a couple of colleagues. this is the third time i've gone and i must say it is getting easier, i've also done Plyo X a few times since the first time i ran. we did the small (1.7 mile) loop twice, but walked about half of the second lap. as you can see, i'm no runner and still fairly new to this running thing, and running on a treadmill is NOTHING like the real thing.

i dont think i realized how weak my legs have gotten. i've always had strong legs (big too), but i think that was because i used to play sports regularly, from bball to football to softball. but in the past couple of years, its only been softball and volleyball (and not very regularly), and the 10 minute walk from my house to the LIRR station! but softball and volleyball really do not compare to the intensity of bball or football. plus i've put on some pounds since then. so i'm hoping with the combination of Plyo X, Legs & Back (P90X), and running, i'll regain the endurance i once had in my legs.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


its been a long time since i've updated. so here goes!

so, it looks like i've really hit a wall in my weight loss journey. i've been stuck around 205 lbs since the middle of april, and its May 14th today. weighed in at 206 @ 20.5% fat. wondering what i'll need to do to get that jump started again. Currently in week 7 of P90X (round 2.5). Will have a recovery week coming up and then Phase III, so i'm hoping that will do the trick. or perhaps i'm just not working as hard! =P in any case, here's a summary of results so far:

fat %26%20.5%