Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Phase 1, Week 2

Day 7 Day 9: Shoulders & Arms, ARX

As you can see, I'm shifting things around so far this week. As previously mentioned, my back is still sore, so did not want to jump into chest & back. Did the workout with my newly purchased 30 lb dumbells, but had to switch over to the bands toward the end, as fatigue set in. Had a good workout, and shoulders & arms continues to be one of my favorites (perhaps because its not AS strenuous as the others!).

Up to 17 reps per move in ARX, except Leg Climb (all) and Mason Twist (20, rest, 10, rest, 5). Abs aren't even really sore from Monday's ARX. Nice.

On deck: TBD

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Heather said...

Nice! I hope someday my abs won't be sore after ARX too!