Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day 5: Legs & Back (finally), Day 6: Kenpo X

Ok, so I did Yoga on Friday, and L&B was supposed to be on Saturday. Suffice it to say, the weekend went terribly (workout-wise). Took both days off, so ended up doing Legs & Back yesterday (Monday). It went decently, my left knee is still a little problematic. Got better as the workout went along. I did a few of the moves on the stairs for better form. Bought a new pull up bar which is more accomodating of our new set up. $9 from walmart! Works well. Followed up the workout with ARX. Did 16 reps of all exercises (except leg climb and mason twists).

Tonight should be Kenpo, but I have softball. I'll see how that goes, may even do it after I get home, but not likely. Still working on my diet. Yesterday was about 30/35/35 (protein/carb/fat). Right now, I'm at: 35/40/25.

Tomorrow should be Chest & Back. May have to shift things around a bit, so it might become Shoulders & Arms. Stay tuned....

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