Thursday, February 9, 2012

Training Recap: Superbowl Edition

There really is nothing "Superbowl" about this post other than the fact that the Giants won this past sunday! Just thought it'd be fun add that to the title of the post.

In any case, its been almost three weeks since my last update, and training is cruising right along. Have been pretty consistent with my weeks, with 3 runs per week- hills, easy, and long runs. Have been adding one extra hill rep per week, and this past Friday I got back up to 9 (well, 9.2 to be exact) miles on my long run, with total mileage last week at 17.2. I've made this week somewhat of a recovery/taper week, with an easy run on Monday, and a 5 mile run last night, with some intervals thrown in. That will probably do it for the week, giving me about 8.5 miles for the week. I do plan to remain active by going swimming tonight, the first time since the Tri! So its been like what? 6, 7 months? Saturday, I hope to get in some Yoga X  (which I also did a couple saturdays ago, more details later). And since Mon and Tue are busy next week, I plan on getting the week started on Sunday. This should be interesting, running on the weekend, what a novel idea!

My Yoga X session a couple weeks ago, to my surprise, went fairly decently. I made it through all 92 minutes, and stamina was actually pretty good, and held some of the more difficult poses. I even made it through the entire warrior 3/half moon sequence on my right side. The same could not be said on the left though, which is odd since my left leg was always my stronger leg. Through the workout, I did find that I am far less flexible than I once was. Especially in my hip flexors, working through a lot of the lunge moves proved to be difficult as a result. Another difficulty, which was expected, was all the push ups and vinyasas. My chest/tri's have seriously atrophied from the lack of strength training. Though I was satisfied with my performance through the Yoga belly 7 section of the workout. The next day, my hammies were very sore, but my abs were not. I had expected my abs to be a lot more sore than it was.

NYRR had posted their Q2 races and I am eying some of them. Will update as they open registration (supposedly tomorrow) and/or when I actually register.