Friday, October 28, 2011

Quick Recap and Urbanathlon

Almost a month without an update? Rest assured the training has been going well! Since the last update, I've gone from about 13 total weekly miles to 20 last week. Long runs have accordingly gone from 8 to 10.4. The 9 miler was one of my best long runs, in terms of how I felt (still around an 11 min/mile!). But at the end, I almost felt like I could have kept on going, with minimal pain in my legs and feet. The 10 miler on the other hand, the pain set in around mile 6, and I had to fight through it till the end. Honestly my pace is not where I would like it to be, but I am glad that I was able to get to the 10 mile long runs with over a month left to go. So I will shift the focus a little to tempo runs and intervals to try to better the pace.

And just to throw out there, Urbanathlon is TOMORROW. Considering my lack of strength training in the past month, I am rather anxious about it. Actually, there are really only 2 obstacles that concern me: the monkey bars and the wall climb at the end. From what I can tell from the pictures, the wall looks to be about 8 feet. Although theres a rope to help you climb it (picture the old school batman tv show), I'm not sure I'm very good at that, or how I would release the rope and grab the wall. I think my best approach would be to leap, grab the top of the wall and pull myself over. Thats all fine and dandy, providing I have anything left in my legs to, LEAP.

Ok, I'll be back on Mon/Tue with a fuller recap of both Urbanathlon and training. Til then! Wish me luck!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Training Recap Since 9/26

So I'll start this post with something I don't mention often, only because I'm not great at it: NUTRITION. The saddest part is I probably know all there is to know about how to eat and fuel properly, yet ignore it all (most of the time, at least). As more of an effort to save money, rather than being healthy, I had started to bring my lunch the past few weeks. Simple baked chicken breast, on whole wheat bread. Usually complimented with some raw veggies and fruit. This has been doing wonders on my training runs. I feel more energized and strong while running. And my legs and feet ache less (not actually sure if this is a product of the better eating). As stated earlier, its sad that this really comes as no surprise to me. I already knew if I fueled myself correctly, it'll be seen directly in my training. You really are what you eat.

So back on the training side of things, 2 runs only last week. 5.2 miles and a long run of 7.75, for a total of just about 13 miles for the week. The first was originally going to be just an EZ run of once or twice around the southern loop (1.7 miles). But, when I got out, it was actually a lot cooler than I had thought. And as I progressed in the run, I knew I could extend to do the 5 mile loop. So thats what I did. See, good eating takes you far. Though it was just under 70 degrees, but SUPER humid, the run still went surprisingly well. As did the 7.75 long run. Even having to contend with the crowds going to the Black Eyed Peas concert! Averaged a 10:43 pace through the run- which is about where I wanted to be on a long run. I did then entire park loop (6 miles) and then an extra southern loop, which is how I ended at 7.75 miles. Wanted to do 8, but to piece together 8 miles in Central Park gets a little complicated. I took a Gu gel around 4.75 miles into the run, and it proved wise. I was very surprised at how I felt toward the end of the run. Again, legs felt fatigued, yet strong, and conditioning was good. Lower temps and humidity I'm sure played a big role in that as well.

Monday (10/3) I actually went out in the rain and did some hills. I missed hills last week, so was partly why I decided to head out, even though it was raining. Did 6x the Cat Hill, and again, benefiting from the cooler temps- it went pretty well. Though I think I pushed it a LITTLE too hard on that last rep, because I felt like I was about to pass out.

So, this week's long run goal is 9 miles. Which I think I will do tomorrow. It'll be a 5 mile loop and a 4 mile loop in CP. If that gets done, I'll actually be one week ahead of my training plan. Lets hope I get it done!