Wednesday, August 13, 2008

P90X: Week 12

Ok, so week 11 totally sucked (in terms of consistency). busy at work and an aching knee contributed. so, after a spotty weeks 10 and 11, started up again on week 12. i did back and bicep tonight at the gym...and worked out pretty well. i jumped around a bit on the workouts, because i had to keep going back and forth from the free weights area to the lat pull down machine. only 2 weeks left to go, i need to finish this off strong!!! its interesting to note that i ate like complete CRAP over the weekend, and have been pretty inconsistent with the routines, yet it still looks like my body is still getting more toned....haha, or maybe its what my mind wants to believe to justify the way i ate.

but ok!! 2 more weeks, 2 more weeks....

did i mention i haven't done ab ripper x in forever? ugh. should get back on that.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

P90X (Somewhere between week 11 and 13...)

ok, so its been very on and off due to a busy schedule, and my knee issues. but the knee has gotten a lot better, but still need to get back on the boat. even so, just wanted to report i weighed in at 219.4 this morning. havent measured my waist again in a while, but pants are definitely fitting well, and the third hole on my belt is progressively getting more confortable. i would really like to finish this off STRONG!

and i believe i'm going to purchase 10 minute trainer (for my mom...haha). but i will give it a go as well, to get rid of some extra pounds. then its back to the X, in say, October? we'll see.