Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Currently on week 8 of P90X, Phase II Recovery Week, so i decided to go for a run last night, with a couple of colleagues. this is the third time i've gone and i must say it is getting easier, i've also done Plyo X a few times since the first time i ran. we did the small (1.7 mile) loop twice, but walked about half of the second lap. as you can see, i'm no runner and still fairly new to this running thing, and running on a treadmill is NOTHING like the real thing.

i dont think i realized how weak my legs have gotten. i've always had strong legs (big too), but i think that was because i used to play sports regularly, from bball to football to softball. but in the past couple of years, its only been softball and volleyball (and not very regularly), and the 10 minute walk from my house to the LIRR station! but softball and volleyball really do not compare to the intensity of bball or football. plus i've put on some pounds since then. so i'm hoping with the combination of Plyo X, Legs & Back (P90X), and running, i'll regain the endurance i once had in my legs.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


its been a long time since i've updated. so here goes!

so, it looks like i've really hit a wall in my weight loss journey. i've been stuck around 205 lbs since the middle of april, and its May 14th today. weighed in at 206 @ 20.5% fat. wondering what i'll need to do to get that jump started again. Currently in week 7 of P90X (round 2.5). Will have a recovery week coming up and then Phase III, so i'm hoping that will do the trick. or perhaps i'm just not working as hard! =P in any case, here's a summary of results so far:

fat %26%20.5%