Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Running Recap, week of 6/14

So I decided I'd try a run, a day after I did Plyo X. Simply put, my legs were having NONE of it. Dragged myself around the southern loop in Central Park once, and called it a day.  The muscles in my legs were just WAY too sore. In fact, they were sore until at least Thursday.

Wednesday was the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge (3.5 miles).  Finished in 39:30, which quite frankly, I was very disappointed with, considering the amount of running I had been putting in, and knowing that I've done longer distances at  faster times. I suppose I'll chalk it up to still being sore from Plyo, and the simple fact that it was really, really crowded.

Reached yet another milestone on my third run of the week (on Friday); 7.2 miles, longest run to date.  Completed it in about 80 minutes, but I did stop once (planned), for about 2-3 minutes.  I realized that stopping is a really bad idea for me, unless I absolutely need to.  What happens is, though I didnt stop completely, I walked for those 2-3 minutes; but, I guess my body goes into this "shutdown" mode, where it thinks we're done. When I tried to pick it back up, it was mighty difficult, for the first few minutes, at least.  It's as if I had to re-do the warmup.

Another good three-run week in the books! 'til next time...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Ok, the DOMS has fully set in from Sunday night's Plyo session. For those of you who have started or tried P90X and done Plyo X; you should be familiar with the pain. Its been a while, and though I have been running, it has in no way primed the legs for the beating that is Plyo. Ouch. Ouch indeed.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Running Recap 6/7 - 6/13, 100 miles, Plyo X...

An overall good training week. And since, for me, it was a huge personal milestone, its worth repeating...

I have now ran over 100 miles for the year!!

Go me! In any case, since I made last week a recovery/taper week, I started the week off with a long run. 6.4 miles in Central Park- going in the reverse direction (clock wise). This direction seemed to be a touch easier, as the uphill wasn't quite as long as it is going the opposite way. Improved my average mins/mile, compared to the last long run.

On 6/10, I had intended on doing 4 miles. It started to drizzle as I started the run, and didnt think much of it, and thought as long as it stayed like that I would be fine. Well, it DIDNT stay like that. It started coming down in buckets at one point, so had to cut the run short to just once around the southern loop for 1.74 miles. And just as luck would have it, it cleared up as soon as I left the park. So to make up for the rain shortened run, I went back on the following day, 6/11, for a 4 mile run at the CIP path.  Made it a quasi-tempo run, where I averaged a 10:20 min/mile. The first mile I was able to do in under 10.

And as a bonus....I did Plyo X yesterday (6/13)! The first time in a very long while. And I'm happy to report, I was able to get through the WHOLE thing, bonus round included- WITHOUT ANY BREAKS. So it appears my condition is improving. Good stuff.

Coming up: This week will be the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge. It will fill in good for one of my runs for the week. 'Til next time!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Running Recap 5/31 and 100 miles!!

So I decided to make it a taper/recovery week, only doing 1 run for 4 miles. On Monday (Memorial Day) 5/31, I did play some softball and volleyball, which was good and served as a bit of cross training. I was more sore than I expected to be.  On Wed, I did 4 miles in Central Park on a new route: entering at 59th, I went west/north along the west side, crossed over at 72nd towards the east side, then went north on the east side up to 90th. Turned around and reversed course.

Right calf and hammy were sore for the next day or 2, which is what ultimately led to just taking the next few days off. The heat wave didnt help it either.

After my run yesterday (which will be in the next recap), I broke 100 miles for the year! Thought I'd take a moment and celebrate the milestone =)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Running Recap: Week of 5/24

Third straight week of consistent running. I may be onto something here....

So here's the result of what was previously planned:

5/26 (Wed): Hills, Central Park, twice around southern loop, 3.5 miles.
5/28 (Fri): Long run (5, maybe 6 miles)
5/30 (Sun): Tempo

I had to alter my Wed. run simply because it was a 90+ degree day. It was hard to breathe, let along run. Scrapped the hills and just tried to go twice around the southern loop. Barely made that and had to walk near the 3 mile mark. Note to self: DO NOT RUN IN 90+ DEGREE WEATHER!

Friday's long run was a good one, for the full 6 mile outer loop in central park. Coolish day, in the upper 60s. The small 1 mile-ish section at the northern most part of the course had a humongo hill, which I went up at a snail's pace. Fortunately, humongo hills are usually coupled with fairly equal downhills, this one is actually named "the great hill". Which allowed me to coast down, for a short while at least. Completed the 6 in roughly 66 min; avg a 10:55 min/mile (according to Nike+).

Got my lazy butt out on Sunday afternoon (a big feat in itself!); to do my tempo runs at the Cross Island path. Jogged from home to the park (appx 1 mile) as my warm up. Entered the path and did half-mile tempo runs. Maintained roughly a 9 min/mile, but was pretty winded by the end of the half mile. Did that twice. Then on the way back, from the path back to 35th Ave., is about a .3 mile uphill. So I did another tempo run going up the hill.

Its looking good for now, need to plan a taper week soon. Legs are beginning to fatigue a little.