Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Recap

Yesterday was the Garden City Turkey Trot and it was a great way to justify the overeating that would ensue that night...haha. Anyway, it was a cold morning (38 deg at start time), but I'll take that over an 80 deg, 80% humidity day! Actually finished almost a minute slower than the NYRR5, with a time of 52:49 which translates into a 10:34 pace. But according to Nike+, my split times werent too bad. The first mile was what killed my average, due to the slow start, which took over 11 min. I was around 10:10 miles for the remainder, and actually pulled out a sub 10min final mile. This run didnt feel as good as the NYRR5 though and was also super crowded at the start, reminicent of the Cow Harbor run.  Also didnt help that it was an unfamiliar course, so I wasn't sure when I could or couldnt push a little. In the end, it was nice to have another run under my belt, and a free t-shirt. Its why I do all these runs right? for the free stuff!

The schedule has been a little off since the last post, and it was supposed to be a recovery week, which is slowly turning into a recovery 2 weeks..  VBall in fact didnt happen that day, and I ended up NOT doing  yoga as I wanted to.  Friday was another off day, and Saturday I did a run at the Cross Island path. Did a few repeats in an attempt to improve my pace. Did 3 x 800m then 3x 400m, at around an 8-8:30min pace, since my race paces have been around 10:15-30 as of late. I did pretty well with them, considering the state I was in (had just stuffed myself with dim sum 1.5 hrs about a stitch...), but I was pretty winded.

Monday was vball again, and Tue I did Core again. Tried to not spin myself silly by "spotting" my spins. That did help the headache situation a bit. The workout otherwise went well, though I felt like I was a bit more winded than the previous time. I should note I worked out THEN had dinner. I usually do it the other way around.

On a gear note, I've pulled the trigger on a new pair of running shoes: the Mizuno Wave Creation 11. Of everything I read, its geared to heavier runners (of which I am), and admittedly, the LunarGlides were just the WRONG shoe for me. The LunarGlides were for overpronators (to which I am not) and is more of a stability shoe- which turns out to be the kind of shoe I needed to AVOID. May explain all the calf issues I had in the beginning. I did find them to be more soft and spongy than I prefer. So the Creation 11 is supposed to be a neutral-cushioned shoe, with minimal mechanics correction. Also supposed to be very "springy" and cushiony too, which is what makes it ideal for heavier runners. AND, I did try these on in a store this time (but ordered online).  Can you believe I'm over 300 miles on the LunarGlides? Crazy. Will probably run in them a little while longer (as I adjust to the Creations), and then keep them for one last hurrah at Warrior Dash, then officially retire them (aka- throw them in the trash!....ok fine, recycle). 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

2010 Garden City Turkey Trot

Tomorrow's course! (its supposed to be 5 miles, but the course on their website is a little confusing, so it came out to a little more than 5, so i'm sure i mapped it slightly wrong!)

Will have a recap of the past week, along with the race, tomorrow.

**edit** corrected the map so its closer to 5 miles now.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Back in the Groove

I completed the planned 5 miles last Friday, as mentioned in my last post. Did well, 10:10 pace, and did it in about 51 min! To think, that's what I could have done for the NYRR 5 had it not been for my rookie mistake. The following 3 days (Sat, Sun, Mon) went well too, doing: Shoulders & Arms, Yoga and Legs & Back.

Nothing spectacular with S/A, as usual. I need to buy some 20 lb dumbbells. Trying to juggle either a 30 lb, or trying to hold two 10 lbs in one hand is getting a bit annoying.  Really worked the biceps, because they were actually sore the next couple of days. 

Yoga went well, did it all the way through (except the ohms) again. The warrior 3 sequence is still KILLER. I will one day be able to do the entire thing without putting my leg down.

Legs & Back, what can I say. Was done on Mon, and as of this post (Thur), my glutes and inner thighs are STILL SORE. Calves arent very sore this time, unlike the last time I did it. My left knee is still problematic. Some days are better than others, but I may need to consider seeing an orthopedist.

Took the next day (tue) off, and then I kicked off "Recovery" week last night with Core Synergistics. And you know what, it wasn't as bad as I remember it being. I'm thinking its probably because my conditioning has never been this good by the time I get to this workout. In fact, of all the times I've done this workout (which admittedly, has not been very much), I don't ever remember having much left in the tank for the "bonus" round. But I went into it with plenty of gas left in the tank. It felt good and was actually a little surprised that it was over so "soon".  One thing remains though, I still get a SPLITTING headache halfway through. I took a couple extra 45-60 second breaks to prevent it from getting too bad. I had thought the culprit were the banana rolls, superman/banana and bow to boat, but now I'm not so sure. I think its the Lunge and Reach, because you're constantly, "spinning". I noticed my head hurt a lot after that move. Will check it when I do it again, which I think should be Saturday.

Was supposed to be Volleyball tonight, but due to a lack of players, its not happening. So, I think I'm doing Yoga. I've also just signed up for the Garden City Turkey Trot! 5 mile race on Turkey day!

Ok, that became lengthy. Til next time!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Since 10/29??

Somehow, I let almost 2.5 weeks go without a recap. Maybe because I've allowed 8 rest days in the last 2 weeks. *hangs head in shame...

anyways, since 10/29 (which fittingly became a rest day, was going to do yoga...) the schedule has been a bit spotty, P90X-wise, but I did throw in a few runs. Did a 2.75 run (intervals), 6 miles in central park (a race simulation) and the actual race (the NYRR5) itself last friday. Finished in just under 52 min, which is a personal best at this distance. I must admit that I made the most rookie-est of rookie mistakes- FORGETTING TO DOUBLE KNOT MY LACES!!! Costly. I debated with myself for about a minute whether or not I should even bother to stop and tie them, or just let them be. My shoe didnt feel like it was coming loose anyway. But I thought better of it and stopped to tie them. Lost probably around 30 seconds, which at this kind of distance, makes a difference!! Ugh, lesson learned. Anyway, it was a cold and dreary day, but at start time, the sun did come out and the rain stopped, so only the ground was wet. Overall, good and fun race, and got to experience (if only slightly) the excitement of the NYC Marathon. Will soon get to a 10 min/mile pace soon, I hope.

The only other training I got in were 2 Chest & Back days, which seems to be the workout I've been most consistent with. Which is okay, because its the areas I need most improvement in, push-ups and pull ups. Volleyball was the only other "training" day I had. Like I said, its been a spotty 2 weeks.

So, since this really is week 4, and what should be recovery week, I'm actually doing an extra Phase 1 week to sort of make up for it.  So with C/B last night, I'll do another run tonight (instead of plyo- with my track record for the last couple weeks, I feel its safer to just do a run after work, than risk going home and getting lazy!!). Shooting for 5 miles, which I think I can soon call my "base" mileage. Then Shoulders & Arms, Yoga, Legs & Back on Sat, Sun, and Mon respectively.  Then on Tue, jump into recovery week.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Here's tomorrow's course: