Friday, October 30, 2009

Yoga X

Yesterday, I decided to do Yoga X. Good news and bad news. The good news: I did the whole thing! Bad news: it was HARD. Well, at least harder than the last time I can remember doing it. I've definitely lost a good amount of what I had. I can still touch my nose to my right knee though! Tried to do all the push ups, but had to drop a few, as I was sore from Intervals X Plus (which had a couple push up moves in itself). My legs and glutes are still incredibly sore from Intervals, and doing Yoga last night, contrary to what I thought, did not help it.

I have volleyball tonight, so it'll be three consecutive active nights. A good start. Hoping to knock out Chest & Back or Shoulders & Arms over the weekend.

'Till next time, BRING IT!

10/28- Intervals X Plus
10/29- Yoga X
10/30- Volleyball
10/31 or 11/1- TBD

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Intervals X Plus

Ok, I won't say that I'm starting Round 3, yet. But since its been over a month since I last worked out, I felt the desire to do SOMEthing. Had planned to do plyo, but remembered I had purchased the P90X+ videos, and said, "AH! Perhaps I'll take a stab at one of the workouts". So that is what I did.

My focus was to do some cardio, in order to just get my blood pumping, so naturally, I looked to Intervals X Plus. Can I just say, "O. M. G." For my first workout back after a month, this was a KILLER. I'm not sure where I'd rate it against plyo, but this is right up there.

This workout has 15 moves, all for 1 min each, but with 3 intensity levels per move. So you go from moves 1 to 15, break, then 15 back to 1. What makes this one harder than plyo is the lack of built in water breaks (I had to make many of my own!). I'd say I did the workout at maybe 80%. I was so tapped out of energy halfway through, I skipped some of the moves entirely, and others I skipped the highest intensity part. I finished the workout a bit dizzy, but hey, that is to be expected, jumping into a workout like this after a month of slacking off.

My legs and glutes are especially sore this morning, but it feels really good to have worked out again. Stood taller. Felt fitter. But nothing like getting on the scale to tell me that i'm 211 lbs @ 23% fat. AHHHHH!!!!!!! (if y'all recall, I made it all the way down to 196 and 19% fat at the end of round 2.5!). I eat entirely way too much.

Hopefully, I can continue now, doing somewhat of a hybrid of the X and X Plus. My plan is to Yoga X tonight. Lets hope that happens =)


Monday, October 26, 2009


Ok, its probably understood that:

lack of updates = lack of working out, haha.

And like i need more 'excuses' to not workout. the world series starts on wed., the football season is in full swing, and NOW? its opening week for the NBA season. wonderful.

i'm trying to conjure up a lighter/modified P90X schedule so i can at least do SOMETHING for the moment. been slacking off, BIG TIME.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Phase I Update

Here's a little recap of where I am at.

9/21- Legs & Back
9/22- Softball
9/23- Shoulders & Arms
9/26- Chest & Back
9/27- ARX
9/29- Softball
9/30- Volleyball

Went on a mini-vacation from 9/25-9/28, but was able to squeeze in one workout. So after a quasi-week 2 and 3, going to finish off the week with a couple of workouts, and then jump back into week 3 and a phase 1 bonus week before heading into recovery week. So tonight, the plan is Legs & Back, ARX.

By the way, diet has been....ehhhhh.