Thursday, September 17, 2009

Day 3: Shoulders & Arms

Needed to summarize my workout, so here goes: Did Shoulders & Arms with the bands. Wasn't terrible, but would have much preferred weights. Did well, this is one of the few workouts that doesn't leave me wiped out on the floor about to puke! Trying to get the right amount of tension and even tension on both sides of the bands is still a challenge. Overall, did well though.

As for ARX- I did 15 reps of each exercise. Will move up with each time that I do it. I need to be more consistent with ARX, as I will routinely skip it. Argh. Yoga day is next, I say "yay", Ahmee says "nay".

Well, I failed to get up in the AM to do this workout, so I guess its being done when I get home. For now, I shall log what I'm eating, perhaps to keep myself accountable. So far....

8:00am - 5 almonds (As I rush out the door)
9:30am - 3 egg white omlete with mushrooms, coffee (cream & sugar), protein shake
11:30am - about to have a PB&J sandwich on whole wheat
1:00pm - 3 egg white omlete with mushrooms, bacon, sausage and salsa; side of home fries (i only ate half the omlete for now)
3:00pm - the other half of the above omlete, and 3oz of baby carrot sticks
5:15pm - another PB&J and a protein shake. time to go home!!
8:00pm - recovery drink
8:30pm - dinner (brown rice, adobo chicken, bok choy stir fry and tofu and mushrooms) i eating too much? haha....according to i'm still within my daily

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