Friday, October 30, 2009

Yoga X

Yesterday, I decided to do Yoga X. Good news and bad news. The good news: I did the whole thing! Bad news: it was HARD. Well, at least harder than the last time I can remember doing it. I've definitely lost a good amount of what I had. I can still touch my nose to my right knee though! Tried to do all the push ups, but had to drop a few, as I was sore from Intervals X Plus (which had a couple push up moves in itself). My legs and glutes are still incredibly sore from Intervals, and doing Yoga last night, contrary to what I thought, did not help it.

I have volleyball tonight, so it'll be three consecutive active nights. A good start. Hoping to knock out Chest & Back or Shoulders & Arms over the weekend.

'Till next time, BRING IT!

10/28- Intervals X Plus
10/29- Yoga X
10/30- Volleyball
10/31 or 11/1- TBD

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