Friday, September 4, 2009

5 Miles!

Last night, in an effort to remain active while I find a good re-start date for Round 3 of P90X, I went for a run in central park, with a friend (whom mind you, just ran a half marathon). She advised we would be doing 5 miles, and so all through the day I wondered if I'd make it out alive. As I have previously stated many times, I AM NOT A RUNNER. Keep in mind also, the most I've ever run was the 3.5 mile JP Morgan Corporate Challenge. Which coincidently was also the last time I ran, at all, which occured on June 11.

So I tackled the task. I told myself, if I can finish within an hour, I'd be happy (thats averaging just about a 12 min mile (aka- 5mph). As luck would have it, I finished 5 miles (actually, its 5.15 miles, according to the central park runner's map) in 58:33. Yay. Haha...I was incredibly sore and almost dizzy afterwards. I scarfed down a banana and a protein shake for recovery, because I REALLY needed it.

The good news in all this is my goal of remaining active was achieved, since my heart rate was "in zone" for most of the time. Maxing out around 184, and averaging 166 (according to my Nike heart rate monitor). And from various sources, it looks as if I burned anywere between 600-750 calories!

Final stats:
Distance: 5 miles
Time: 58:33
Max heart rate: 184
Avg heart rate: 166
Time in target zone: 58:01
Calories burned: between 600-750

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