Thursday, April 15, 2010

KFC Double Down

Alright, so there's been quite some hub-bub about KFC's new Double Down sandwich. Basically, its 2 pieces of white meat chicken filets, 2 strips of bacon, cheese, and "Colonel's Sauce".  In essence, using the chicken filets as the bun. You also have the choice of having your chicken fried or grilled.  Now, I've seen and/or heard many that are saying how "gross" it is, and how "unhealthy" it must be.  So I just couldnt help myself to do a little comparison, and the results may or may not shock you. If any of these people who are crying bloody murder regarding the Double Down have ever had a Whopper or Big Mac, guess what?  The Double Down actually is "healthier" than either one.  I mean, its all fast food, so NONE are actually good FOR you, but in this case of "lesser of 2 (well, 4) evils", the Double Down (w/grilled chicken) would actually be your best choice.

Here's the nutritional info to help break it down for you:

Choose wisely people....

Monday, April 12, 2010

Running Recap 4/5 and JP Morgan's Run as One

Finished the week off with 3 runs, one of which was the JP Morgan Run as One (4mi).  As stated in the previous post, started the week off with a 4.8 mile run along the Cross Island Path.  On Wed., did 4 miles in Central Park, twice (and a little) around the southern (small) loop.  This by far was the hardest run, which I'm pretty sure the 90 degree day contributed.  Struggled big time to just complete the typical twice around, let along do the extra 1/2 mile to complete 4 miles.

JP Morgan's Run As One

A crisp 52 deg. F and 47% humidity at 9AM made for favorable running conditions for this race. Completing the run in 42:10, which was just over a 10:30 min-mile (see above). Not GREAT by any stretch of the imagination, but a good place to start. Remember, this was my first [real] race, EVER! But the most encouraging part of the day was making it through all 4 miles without really struggling at all. Legs felt strong, and was never really out of breath. Kept the heart rate under 180 as well.  Slowed down once for a quick H2O break, and that was it.  Did a nice sprint to the finish, and it was in the books!  Sadly, my left calf is now in pain, AGAIN. It seems to be playing a little ping-pong, in terms of pain. I guess I should be thankful that its never both calves at the same time. Hoping this one wont sideline me for another 9 days. Would like to continue ramping up my training.

Until next time...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Running Recap: Weeks of 3/22 and 3/29

In my previous post I mentioned being slowed by strained calves, which ultimately kept me off the road for 9 days.  So for the week of 3/22, I was only able to get 1 run in at the end of the week, which was a quick 1.6 miles, at the Cross Island Path (Crocheron Park to Northern Blvd). It was pretty chilly that morning.

I've done well recently, having gone out three times in the last 6 days, which included one which was my longest run yet! 2, 3, and 4.8 miles were my distances. Nike+ is still a little wonky, and not sure was calibrated correctly, but I believe I'm still in the ballpark of a 10 min-mile. A little quicker on the shorter run, slower on the long run.  My McDavid calf protector sleeves came in yesterday, so they'll be put to the test as I'm looking to get in another 4 tonight, before my "big" race (4 miles) on Sunday!  This will be my first "real" race (other than the JP Morgan Corp. Challenge, which I dont consider real), so, wish me luck!