Monday, May 24, 2010

Running Recap: Week of 5/17

Well, seems I'm on track, for now.

Started the week with hills again, as in my previous post, but added an additional rep to make 5.  Thurs 5/20 was my "long" run of 5.2 miles. It seemed harder this time around than last, my guess would be due to the warmer temps. I did finish about 30 seconds quicker than last week, which may not seem like much, but I'm happy with any achievement at this point, no matter how small.

On Saturday 5/22, was my tempo run.

The plan for this coming week:

5/26 (Wed): Hills, Central Park
5/28 (Fri): Long run (5, maybe 6 miles)
5/30 (Sun): Tempo

Thursday, May 13, 2010


How do I always manage to let a month go by without an update? Better yet, how do I let almost a month go by without running?! 

Since the Run as One, I've only gotten a few runs in.  There always seems to be something.  It was my calves (BOTH of them) for about 2 weeks after the race.  A couple runs in that last week for April. And then I came down with some kind of stomach virus the first week of May.  Another 2 runs later,  here we are.  Definitely disappointed in where my training is, I had thought, and wanted to be, much further at this point than I am right now.

This week, so far (May 10)
Logged about 3.5 miles on Monday (5/10), which consisted a little of hill training. Entered Central Park at 59th street, and did an easy jog up to the Boathouse near 72nd as a warm-up.  From there, for those familiar, is a nice hill. So I ran up the hill, at about 75%, up to the traffic light, which was just over .1 mile. Turned around and jogged back down. Repeated this for a total of 4 times.  Then came back down and finished the remainder of the southern loop, from 72nd. 

Did 5.2 miles yesterday (5/12), my longest mileage to date. Entering at 59th, headed north along the east side, making a left (heading west) at 104th street, then back south along West Drive, all the way back down to 59th. It was a damp, cool day, which was good for me. Completed it in just over 56 minutes, without stopping. Good news is that my calves seem fine, so hopefully, those issues are behind me. 

Will look to go back out on Sunday.