Friday, May 23, 2008

P90X Day 8 - X Stretch

Finally took the rest day today, one day late. instead of doing nothing, i decided to keep the drive going and did X Stretch. it was alright. a few notes:

- i noticed a bunch of the stretches were not held for too long. i've always understood that its best to hold a stretch anywhere from 15-30 seconds. some were nowhere NEAR 15 seconds.
- there didnt seem to be too many stretches for the upper body (chest, shoulders, arms). being that i worked the chest and back (which worked the tri's and bi's as well) the night before, that would have been nice.
-ironically, there were a number of hamstring stretches. but in the legs and back workout, as well as Plyo X, there didnt seem to be many (if any) exercises for your hammies. hmmm...

but all in all, it was good, relaxing, and you actually work a little of a sweat doing it all. got the body to relax, and is very welcomed after 6 (7, in my case) days of intense workouts.

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