Tuesday, May 20, 2008

P90X Day 5: Legs & Back, Ab Ripper X

well well well, THAT, was a workout. some serious leg burning exercises in this one. a lot of squats and lunges. some may argue there's not enough work for the hammies, and they might be right. i feel it all in my quads and gluts (aka, yer butt, tushy, bottom, derier...you get the idea). i worked up a really nice sweat. included a couple calf raise workouts as well. my legs did some serious shaking on the wall squats. good thing it threw in a back routine for every third exercise, to rest the legs a bit. i'm going to have to start using the pull up bar, tho i'm getting to fatigue on the bands, it just doesnt feel like i'm getting the full work out, as its not sore.

aaaand, all of this was followed up again, by ab ripper X. the creator of that must be a sadist. or something. still very, very, very hard to keep up. its 25 reps of each exercise, i'm trying to do 10 for now. i'm ok in the beginning, of course.

Up Next: Day 6 - Kenpo X (tho i might substitute with Plyo X).

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