Friday, November 12, 2010

Since 10/29??

Somehow, I let almost 2.5 weeks go without a recap. Maybe because I've allowed 8 rest days in the last 2 weeks. *hangs head in shame...

anyways, since 10/29 (which fittingly became a rest day, was going to do yoga...) the schedule has been a bit spotty, P90X-wise, but I did throw in a few runs. Did a 2.75 run (intervals), 6 miles in central park (a race simulation) and the actual race (the NYRR5) itself last friday. Finished in just under 52 min, which is a personal best at this distance. I must admit that I made the most rookie-est of rookie mistakes- FORGETTING TO DOUBLE KNOT MY LACES!!! Costly. I debated with myself for about a minute whether or not I should even bother to stop and tie them, or just let them be. My shoe didnt feel like it was coming loose anyway. But I thought better of it and stopped to tie them. Lost probably around 30 seconds, which at this kind of distance, makes a difference!! Ugh, lesson learned. Anyway, it was a cold and dreary day, but at start time, the sun did come out and the rain stopped, so only the ground was wet. Overall, good and fun race, and got to experience (if only slightly) the excitement of the NYC Marathon. Will soon get to a 10 min/mile pace soon, I hope.

The only other training I got in were 2 Chest & Back days, which seems to be the workout I've been most consistent with. Which is okay, because its the areas I need most improvement in, push-ups and pull ups. Volleyball was the only other "training" day I had. Like I said, its been a spotty 2 weeks.

So, since this really is week 4, and what should be recovery week, I'm actually doing an extra Phase 1 week to sort of make up for it.  So with C/B last night, I'll do another run tonight (instead of plyo- with my track record for the last couple weeks, I feel its safer to just do a run after work, than risk going home and getting lazy!!). Shooting for 5 miles, which I think I can soon call my "base" mileage. Then Shoulders & Arms, Yoga, Legs & Back on Sat, Sun, and Mon respectively.  Then on Tue, jump into recovery week.

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