Thursday, June 3, 2010

Running Recap: Week of 5/24

Third straight week of consistent running. I may be onto something here....

So here's the result of what was previously planned:

5/26 (Wed): Hills, Central Park, twice around southern loop, 3.5 miles.
5/28 (Fri): Long run (5, maybe 6 miles)
5/30 (Sun): Tempo

I had to alter my Wed. run simply because it was a 90+ degree day. It was hard to breathe, let along run. Scrapped the hills and just tried to go twice around the southern loop. Barely made that and had to walk near the 3 mile mark. Note to self: DO NOT RUN IN 90+ DEGREE WEATHER!

Friday's long run was a good one, for the full 6 mile outer loop in central park. Coolish day, in the upper 60s. The small 1 mile-ish section at the northern most part of the course had a humongo hill, which I went up at a snail's pace. Fortunately, humongo hills are usually coupled with fairly equal downhills, this one is actually named "the great hill". Which allowed me to coast down, for a short while at least. Completed the 6 in roughly 66 min; avg a 10:55 min/mile (according to Nike+).

Got my lazy butt out on Sunday afternoon (a big feat in itself!); to do my tempo runs at the Cross Island path. Jogged from home to the park (appx 1 mile) as my warm up. Entered the path and did half-mile tempo runs. Maintained roughly a 9 min/mile, but was pretty winded by the end of the half mile. Did that twice. Then on the way back, from the path back to 35th Ave., is about a .3 mile uphill. So I did another tempo run going up the hill.

Its looking good for now, need to plan a taper week soon. Legs are beginning to fatigue a little.

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