Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Running Recap, week of 6/14

So I decided I'd try a run, a day after I did Plyo X. Simply put, my legs were having NONE of it. Dragged myself around the southern loop in Central Park once, and called it a day.  The muscles in my legs were just WAY too sore. In fact, they were sore until at least Thursday.

Wednesday was the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge (3.5 miles).  Finished in 39:30, which quite frankly, I was very disappointed with, considering the amount of running I had been putting in, and knowing that I've done longer distances at  faster times. I suppose I'll chalk it up to still being sore from Plyo, and the simple fact that it was really, really crowded.

Reached yet another milestone on my third run of the week (on Friday); 7.2 miles, longest run to date.  Completed it in about 80 minutes, but I did stop once (planned), for about 2-3 minutes.  I realized that stopping is a really bad idea for me, unless I absolutely need to.  What happens is, though I didnt stop completely, I walked for those 2-3 minutes; but, I guess my body goes into this "shutdown" mode, where it thinks we're done. When I tried to pick it back up, it was mighty difficult, for the first few minutes, at least.  It's as if I had to re-do the warmup.

Another good three-run week in the books! 'til next time...

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