Thursday, July 31, 2008

P90X: Week 11

alright, 3 weeks left, the end is in sight!

unfortunately, i've developed some pain in my left knee. it hurts when i bend it about 30 deg, but then if i bend/squat further, its fine, and can come back up pretty pain free. its kinda odd. but i'm pretty bummed out, because i'm going to need to modify these last 3 weeks. i'm supposed to Plyo tonight, which most likely isnt going to happen. i have an appt with a doctor of physical medicine and rehab on Aug 14th (the earliest date he had!!). i should be just about done by then, i hope it holds up. for the time being, i'm doing a regular routine of stretching, taking MoveFree (Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM supplement) and icing. hopefully this will carry me through.

on a more positive note, i did Shoulder & Arms (for the last time!!!) last night, at the gym. and man oh man, what an improvement! i was doing more weight, and was able to last through each workout and keep up with the reps. i was amazed. especially my biceps, which i feel are one of the hardest parts of my body to develop. i had energy throughout the routine, and i didnt feel tired or wasted at all. it was great. and can i just say, i really liked what i saw in the mirror while working out, all pumped up and stuff....haha. and i even did some cardio (interval training) afterwards, for 15min. solid, solid day yesterday.

i'm wondering if i can do the remaining resistance days at the gym....

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