Wednesday, July 9, 2008

P90X Update

Well, it feels like its been a long while since i've updated. maybe because it has. but Phase II has taken a little longer than scheduled due to my schedule. so what i did in week 7, was i strayed a bit from the routine and doubled up on the strength portion. so it went something like this:

Chest, Shoulders Tri's; Ab ripper X
Back & Biceps
Chest, Shoulders Tri's
Back & Biceps

I can do a ton more push-ups than i could when i started. and i'm accomplishing more reps in the bicep exercises, meaning i can probably start upping the weight. Ab ripper X is still a pain in the, err...hip flexor? haha....but again, it is still slowly progressing.

Going to take another rest day tonight (due to schedule) and then start on week 8, which is the Phase II recovery week. Yoga kicks things off tomorrow.

I weighed in at a feathery 221.8 lbs this morning, making it 9 pounds in a little more than 7 weeks. definition in the arms is definitely coming through, and my gut is almost completely gone. still a long ways to go, in terms of fat %, but its getting there.

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