Friday, July 18, 2008

P90X: Phase III

Phase III, (week 9, day 57) started for me last night, revisiting Chest & Back, and Ab Ripper X. I can confidently say I completely "crushed" this workout last night! ok, maybe not, but let me just say how much i've improved since the last time I did this exercise, which was back in week 3. 2 significant improvements- 1) i did ALL the push ups, NOT on my knees. compared to phase I, where i did the majority of the workout ON my knees.
2) I was able to do the Dive Bomber push-ups, BOTH rounds. In phase I, i was barely able to do 1, in the FIRST round...

Still struggling to do pull ups tho (probably due to my weight...), and can still only achieve 1 unassisted. the rest were chair assisted, but i do have the chair further away and am making a conscious effort to not step on the chair TOO much. Diamond push-ups are still a struggle as well, so i do have my hands a little further apart.

Still hovering around 221-223 pounds (depending on the day and what i ate the night before), and fat percentage is in the 23-25% range (again, previous night's dinner dependent).
I'm satified with those numbers so far, remember, i started at 230.8 @ 27.5% fat. i have not followed the prescribed meal plan, but have been trying to limit my carb intake and eat every 3-4 hours, and not eat as much.

Oh, and i've also decided i'll replace Kenpo with Core Synergistics, since i am not a huge fan of Kenpo X.

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