Friday, June 6, 2008

Week 4: Phase 1 Recovery Week

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, i have completed Phase 1 (well, the bulk of phase 1 at least)! so far, i've dropped about 4 pounds, a % of fat or 2 and i'm feeling good. here are some notes:

-Kenpo X: yea, i tried it, and yea, corny as heck. Plyo is gonna replace this from now on.
-i'm slowly able to keep up better in Ab Ripper X. i can now do the "mason twists" for 10 second spurts. remember i couldnt even do it AT ALL in the beginning. i anticipate this progression to continue, but in NO WAY do i feel this will be "easy" by the end.
-i need some SEEEEERIOUS chest work. i think i might throw some bench presses in during this recovery week.
-i've started to do Yoga X in 2 parts (since the video itself has 2 parts).
-i'm starting to see some tone in my arms (i can start wearing sleeveless t's again....), and my stomach is DEF. smaller. its flatter in the upper portion, tho the inner tube around the lower abs and obliques is still there.

So, week 4 will consist of: Core Synergistics, Stretching, Yoga and some Kempo (plyo for me). Then its the start of Phase 2 and all new workouts.

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