Monday, June 16, 2008

P90X Day 29: Chest, Shoulders and Triceps (and Ab Ripper X)

So, after slacking off during recovery week, I am into Phase 2! kicking things off with chest, shoulders and triceps. This was very tricep intensive, and i was very, very fatigued by the end, so much so that i was using 5 and 10 pound weights. it was a good workout tho, got everything going. i felt like such a wussy cuz i couldnt keep up with the "kids". trying not to let that get to me. push ups are still a bit of a struggle, but i can DEFINITELY do more than i could 2 weeks ago. the craziest move was the ONE ARMED pushups. i saw that and was like, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME??" so i did normal pushups while they all went nuts on the video doing one armed ones.

and of course, this was all followed up by Ab Ripper X. i can get through more of it, little by little. the oblique v-ups definitely. i can do about 15 on each side now. when i first started? ZEROOOOO.

up next: Day 30, Plyometrics.

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