Friday, April 22, 2011

Surprise, its Plantar Fasciitis

So I saw the podiatrist on Monday, 4/18, and he basically confirmed what I had already somewhat self diagnosed. Plantar-fasciitis. He did take an x-ray, just to make sure there were no heel spurs, and there weren't, thankfully. He recommended that I get heel cups to put into my shoes. Since I have a multitude of heel inserts, I'm going to try one of the bunch that I have and go with that for now. In fact, since I started using them, though they still hurt after the run, they're not quite as painful the day after, today, for instance. That was it, he pretty much told me that in order for the pain to completely go away, I'd have to stop running. Something I may think about after DC. Not completely, just enough to let it heal a little!

Tomorrow is the NYRR 4, so got 2 pretty good training runs in this week. Did the 5-mile loop on Monday and Thursday. I had wanted to do a race simulation, but since the 4-mile course is pretty much included into the 5-mile loop route, thats what I decided to do. The two runs ended up being pretty good, Monday's run I think it was the fastest I have done that route, finishing in 50:36 (9:43 pace), and then bested that on Thursday, finishing in 49:55 (9:35 pace). Since that was for 5 miles, I'd really like to average a 9:30 for the race. Only problem is that it looks like rain all day. Not really sure how that'll effect me. I want to say it wont, but stranger things have happened! I should mention that was both in the counter-clockwise direction, which is clearly becoming my preferred direction.

No swim training this week. That'll resume next week, as there seems to be a lot of rain in the forecast.

Oh, and I've ordered and received my Tri gear! I always say, if I dont do well, at least look good doing it! 'Till next time....

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