Thursday, April 15, 2010

KFC Double Down

Alright, so there's been quite some hub-bub about KFC's new Double Down sandwich. Basically, its 2 pieces of white meat chicken filets, 2 strips of bacon, cheese, and "Colonel's Sauce".  In essence, using the chicken filets as the bun. You also have the choice of having your chicken fried or grilled.  Now, I've seen and/or heard many that are saying how "gross" it is, and how "unhealthy" it must be.  So I just couldnt help myself to do a little comparison, and the results may or may not shock you. If any of these people who are crying bloody murder regarding the Double Down have ever had a Whopper or Big Mac, guess what?  The Double Down actually is "healthier" than either one.  I mean, its all fast food, so NONE are actually good FOR you, but in this case of "lesser of 2 (well, 4) evils", the Double Down (w/grilled chicken) would actually be your best choice.

Here's the nutritional info to help break it down for you:

Choose wisely people....

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