Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Run As One Recap (and Training update)

This past sunday, April 29, was NYRR's Run as One 4-miler through Central Park. It was a 6AM wake up call, with an 8:30AM start, since I was training it in on this one. A crisp 44 degrees when I woke up, so I went with cold-gear compression, a tech-t over it and shorts. I completely deviated from my normal pre-race nutritional routine this time around. It was a combination of forgetting to buy my bagel and banana, and simply just not worrying too much because "4 miles is so beneath me!".  20oz of water as usual, but I added half of a scoop of protein powder. Then I had a peanut butter sandwich (which was dry as heck to eat!).

So, was out there door at 6:55, caught the 7AM into Penn which arrived around 7:25AM. After a bit of a wait for a subway, finally arrived at the park around 7:50AM. It was actually pretty good timing, because that gave me just enough time to empty my bladder (only once this time, amazing!), drop off my bag and find the start line. Had about 10 minutes to spare, so I did a light warm up and just waiting for the slow march to the start. The temperature only warmed up one degree by this time, but it was a beautiful sunny morning, perfect for a race.

6 minutes and 45 seconds after the starting horn is when I actually cross the start, and it does seem to be slightly more crowded than what I'm used to, but bearable. So about a quarter mile into it is when we hit Cat hill. And I'm quickly slowed down by the crowd, since they naturally slow down with the incline. To avoid using up too much so early in the race, I decided to just fall in with the slow trek up the hill. The race was relatively uneventful, otherwise. I did find someone I could pace for nearly the entire course. And when all was said and done, I finished the 4 miles in 38:31, for a 9:38 pace. Not my best 4-miler, and I admit, I thought I did better, but I will take it. I knew I should have kicked it up sooner, possibly as soon as that last mile marker. But whats good is that I felt pretty fresh afterwards, as if I hadnt run at all! All in all, good race, complete with a tech-t for participating.

A little biking news- on Saturday, April 21, I went out on a training ride with Team Viscardi. The ride was supposed to be for 45 miles, but due to other obligations, I had to turn back early. Even so, I completed 26 miles that day. Not bad for my second ever ride with Scarlett (the second). So far so good with it, still getting used to the riding position and the bike itself, in general.

Running has been pretty uneventful as well. Just trying to prep for the smaller races coming up: Healthy Kidney 10k, Japan Day 4M, and Wall Street Run (3M)- which are all within the next month. Keeping it pretty much to the 5 mile loop in CP, with nothing special or crazy, really just doing time trials with some pushes to challenge myself.

Well, thats it for now. I still need to renew my pool membership. And get back in the pool. Otherwise, until next time.

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